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NNW Kingsbury Water Park, 2 May, a lovely ride around the very north of the part of kingsbury Water

Kingsbury Water Park , Wildlife, Nature ponds Run/Walk 6mph shot in 5k at 30fpm, for the north part of the pools out of the main area of the busy part. information on this ride on my information page

Spring NNW kingsburywater part1+2+3+4+5 of 7 Nature reserve load bird song all ride | Kinomap

gps track downloadable at

02052021NNW kingburyWaterPark.gpx - OneDrive (

the GPS trail starts from Dosthill Park at the NE side south of Tamworth side this is the most northern area, this passes Cliff Lakes

Cliff Lakes | Aqua Park, Ski School & Swimming | Tamworth

A water sports complex with a good drone picture of the lakes from above, The Lakes are full of wildlife and the GPS passes by some very loud pools full of birdsong so loud it hard to hear you own conversation

My video on kinomap

My Kinomap link Kinomap user profile | Wrighty111

Park information

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A late evening ride around Kingsbury Water Park filming for Kinomap an exercise APP, the link shows the film and gps track route for you to follow. link. kingsburywater26april21.gpx - OneDrive (live.